Get Involved


The HOST TEAM is the first impression at One Church and the way folks move from crowd to community. We are there to welcome you as you walk in the front doors, help you get your kids checked into KidZone, ensure you find a seat in the auditorium, and answer any questions you may have. We serve each Sunday to help create a welcoming atmosphere at our church! We want to meet everyone that comes through the door and help them feel at home.


KidZone is the most fun hour of a kids week! When you arrive at One Church, your children are placed in fun, engaging settings with videos, skits, songs, and stories. They will be greeted and securely checked in with our start of the art check-in system. Your child will then run to his/her age appropriate class where they will be introduced to their fully background checked teachers. After service, we’ve found that they will likely not be ready to leave! We place a high priority on equipping and empowering families to journey together. 


The Production Team is a collection of musicians, techs, storytellers, communicators, graphic artists, video specialists, and social media experts who make our weekend experiences irresistible.

They create moments for people to connect with God in a real way by relating timeless truth through a fresh lens. We want people to be awed by who God is and come back to experience Him again. 


The Operations Team makes the “behind the scenes” at One Church run like a well-oiled machine, with the goal that nobody would slip through the cracks in our community. This team consists of task driven and process oriented people who are honored to serve, but do not serve to be honored.

We do this by following up with guests, making sure needs are cared for, the building is ready for everyone and that the  facilities can support the mission and do not hinder it.

Join The Team

You think you're ready to join the Dream Team? Awesome! We want to get you in your sweet spot where you can be the most fulfilled and have the greatest impact. To get the ball rolling, tell us know a little more about yourself. Afterwards, our Dream Team Director will be in touch with your next step.